The following are guideline prices for a portrait done in pastels.  My simple pricing structure is based upon paper area rather than the number of subjects – so no matter how many subjects there are, the price will be the same for a given paper size.

Additional costs will be incurred for a background, typically 25% of the portrait price although I will discuss this with you before commencing.

15cm x 20cm, 8″ x 6″
20cm x 30cm, 8″ x 12″
30cm x 30cm, 12″ x 12″
30cm x 40cm, 12″ x 16″
Half Size
35cm x 50cm, 14″ x 20″
Large Square
50cm x 50cm, 20″ x 20″
Full Size
50cm x 70cm, 20″ x 28″
70cm x 100cm, 28″ x 40″


I accept payments via PayPal or Bank Transfer and require a 50% deposit before starting work on your portrait with the balance payable on completion and to your satisfaction.

I can also organise payment plans for you with agreed installments made on a monthly basis.  This can be done via Paypal invoice or bank transfer.  Progress would be made on your portrait with each payment until completion.