In order to do a good portrait, I need a good photo. It doesn’t really matter whether you use a top-end camera or your mobile phone, so long as the following are all true:

  • High Resolution. In order to get fine detail in your portrait, I need fine detail in the photograph. This means using the highest number of pixels or the maximum quality setting for your particular device. As a general rule, I need to be able to see sharp highlights in the eye and individual hairs on the face and body. To achieve this, the head and shoulders must fill the frame in the camera.
  • Natural Light / No Flash If possible, take the photograph outside or indoors by a large window.  Try to avoid using any type of artificial light and never use a flash as they add unnatural reflections and colours to the fur which I will presume to be the actual colours.
  • Eye Level. Take the photo at your pet’s eye level to avoid awkward angles or distorted perspective. But sometimes an upward or downward angle can add dynamism to a portrait and I’d be happy to review and advise in this respect.
  • Sharp. Ensure your pet is still and you have focussed your camera correctly before taking the shot. Any movement will create blurriness which can reduce the amount of detail in the final portrait. An assitant with a treat or a favourite toy can be of great help here to ensure your pet stays absoutely still.

If you’re having trouble obtaining that perfect shot and you live within a reasonable distance from where I live, time permitting I’d be happy to take some photographs for you for a small fee.