The table below lists guide prices for a portrait in pastel.  Additional costs will be incurred for a background.  Other sizes and formats (i.e square) are available, and prices are available upon request.  A 50% deposit is required in advance with the balance payable on completion.  All prices are exclusive of shipping costs.


If you are thinking of commissioning a portrait, please ensure you have a high-quality photograph before contacting me.  The following are some useful guidelines to consider when selecting or taking a photograph for your portrait:

  • HIGH RESOLUTION.  Your photograph should use the maximum resolution of your device (around a minimum of 2000 pixels wide) and preferably taken with a quality camera.
  • IN FOCUS.  The photo should be as sharp as possible with minimal blurriness and lots of fine detail visible such as highlights in the eyes and individual hairs on the face.
  • EYE-LEVEL.  The photo should be taken at the same height as the subject to avoid unnatural angles and distortions caused by perspective.
  • NATURAL LIGHT.  The subject should be photographed outside in natural daylight, preferably on an overcast day or in shade out of direct sunlight, or inside by a large window.  Do not use artificial light or camera flash as they produce unnatural colours and highlights.

If you would like further information or wish to proceed with your commission, please contact me here.