Finishing Xara

I’ve been interested in art for as long as I can remember and drew constantly as a child and throughout my teens.  I attended art college for a few years but never took it that seriously and left it at that.

I hadn’t touched a brush or a pencil for over 20 years until in 2016 I came across some drawing and painting videos on YouTube (in fact, I was so impressed by these amazing artists I couldn’t even remember what I went there for!) My creative impulse was sparked, and I’ve been producing work steadily since then.

I’ve always been fascinated by colour, texture and the nature and quality of light.  The endless variation of these things in the natural world, particularly in the animal kingdom, are the main subjects of my work.  I’ve discovered a passion for realism using my preferred medium of pastels, although I like to work in charcoal and coloured pencils too.

I live in the south-east of England with my wife and four children and have worked for the last 17 years as an instructor in the IT industry.