Above The Clouds

Giraffe, pastels on 20″ x 14″ pastelmat, FOR SALE

This is my first portrait of a giraffe and, unlike a lot of my other work, there isn’t a huge amount of detail in the subject.  It was the spectacular dusk sunlight which drew me to the reference photo by Andrew Macaskill and this is what I principally wanted to capture.

I made extensive use of soft pastels from both Unison and Rembrandt for the background , working extensively with various tones of red, violet and blue for the clouds , with the sky areas in cream and peach with a splash of pink here and there.

The majority of the work on the giraffe was completed with Faber Pitt pastel pencils.  A few CarbOthello were used as well for the brightly lit magenta and cyan areas along the top of the giraffe’s neck.