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Hi, I’m Paul and welcome to my website.  I am a professional fine artist and live near the Thames in the South East of England with my wife and family.  I’ve been interested in art for as long as I can remember and drew constantly as a child and throughout my teens.  I attended art college for a few years but instead of following a career into the arts, I worked for nearly 20 years as an educator in the IT industry.  It was only in early 2016 that I rediscovered my original passion for drawing.

I’ve always been fascinated by colour, texture and the nature and quality of light.  The endless variation of these things in the natural world, particularly in the animal kingdom, are the main subjects of my work.

My aims are to create an exceptionally detailed, highly-realistic portrait and to capture a sense of the subject’s character, from a beloved pet to the apex predators of Africa.

Finishing Xara

I do most of my work in pastel, using soft pastel to create backgrounds and as a base layer for the subject, then sharpened pastel pencils on top to create fine detail.

My work has been shortlisted in major competitions and exhibited at the Mall Galleries in London.  I have been published in Artists and Illustrators magazine and was a cover artist for the internationally renowned Coloured Pencil Magazine in 2018.

Please visit a gallery to view my work or contact me for information on purchasing an original or commissioning your own piece.

Below are some examples of my work.  The drawings are a combination of commissioned pieces and personal work and all drawings are completed in pastel unless otherwise stated.  Please click on an image thumbnail to view at full size.

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